sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

I'm tired

Este es mi primer escrito en inglés, creo que la intención es la que cuenta, por que puede que la ortografia y gramatica, no es mala, pero tampoco es la ideal, XD.

I'm tired of many things of my life
i'm waiting for you, my love
but I can't find you, you only appear
like a shadow in my mind, a burred shadow

I'm tired of the loneliness of my heart
the absence of the kisses of you
I need your presence, I need feel your heat

I'm tired of searching you in the world
every moment that I try to find you
is just a false oportunity that broke my heart

I'm tired of see you only in my dreams
i'm tired of looking for someone that no exists
i'm tired of healing myself after deception

What is the reason of create magic?
what is the reason of believe in love?
why I believe and search you?

Why I can love?
Sometimes I wish the silence of my heart
close my eyes, and never feel this again
Because I can't find you...

Where are you? Why I'm here?
Can I love someone?

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